There are many themes available for your WordPress website – So which theme should you choose?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. And the problem is, the answer can be complicated. There are many different choices, but it all boils down to personal preference. There are a lot of different themes for WordPress – a few paid, and a lot of free.

Some are good, some are better, but I am going to explain the pros and cons of several different WordPress theme options.

Free is not a 4 letter word!

The free WordPress themes are not bad, just different.

The majority of free themes are designed and developed by a dedicated group of developers, who have a genuine passion about WordPress that shines through the designs. All the themes I have studied here are beautiful, simple, and easy to use.

However, like anything in life, there are both good and bad free WordPress themes.

WordPress Themes - Free or Paid?

For example, one theme the is free is call Airi. It is designed by aThemes, who have been in business since 2013. They have other WordPress themes available for you as well. Airi is a fantastic theme for selling products, as it has many built in features including support for WooCommerce. This is a fantastic way to sell products on WordPress. However, the theme falls into the “Freemium” category. If you were wanting a free Airi WordPress Theme, then you will be limited in what features are available to you.


If you get a Theme that is absolutely free, then you should be on the look out for these following pitfalls.

* The free WordPress theme developers are not always that good at creating effective plugins and themes that integrate well with other plugins, or themes. Many free WordPress themes have sub-menus on the admin area, making it cumbersome and difficult to find what they are trying to link together. It is a huge pain and users have to spend a lot of time looking for their desired plugin or theme to link together. As the number of plugins in use grows, it gets harder and harder to find the right plugin or theme to link. Some free WordPress themes do not feature any sort of search feature for plugins, which is a real downer.

* In some cases, the free WP themes are not compatible with third-party plugins. This means that if you have a popular plugin available, such as a popular ecommerce cart plugin, such a free theme will not be compatible with this. As this can lead to frustration on the part of the user and in the end, more lost souls. (A lot of users have lost souls, and no matter how frustrated they may be, they will simply find another WordPress website to visit.)


With a lot of research, it is relatively easy to locate a quality, professional WordPress website design company to create a beautiful and functional website for you, no matter what theme or plugin you desire. If you know where to look, you can find a WordPress website design company that offers both custom design ideas tailored to your business and a full range of WP solutions. If you have a theme in mind, you can find professional WordPress website designers capable of creating this theme, and even create several variations of the theme for you to select from when you create your site. You can find themes and plugins that cater to your particular needs and budget. With a little bit of searching, you can find a WP website design service that offers a full range of service plans to provide you with the WP website design solution that meets your needs.

Looking for a Great WordPress Theme?

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