At Synchronized Hosting we use third party vendors to supply our service to you. We’re not going to hide that fact and pretend we own the data centers or do all “hands on” things other hosting companies might provide.

What we’ve done is put together a collection of third party companies and combined them into a single package for you. Instead of you having to manage a separate subscription to each of these services, you simply pay one low rate to us, and we do the rest. However, if you decide you want to pay the higher costs yourself, then we kindly ask that you use our links below.

Why? Simple, really. We’ll earn a commission on sales from the links below. In doing so, you’ll be helping us lower the costs out customers pay for services.


We don’t hide the fact that the Synchronized Hosting WordPress platform is powered by GridPane.

If you would like to run your own WordPress hosting business, like we do, then GridPane comes highly recommended.

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DNS Made Easy

Our DNS needs are powered by DNS Made Easy. Customers who choose our Advanced plans have their DNS queries powered by DNS Made Easy.

By using our referral link you will be helping us reduce the cost our customers, like yourself, pay for services.


Looking for great WordPress Themes?

RocketTheme has a collection of WordPress Themes that are completely customizable to suit your needs. We use them often when designing websites for clients.

Tap the link below to get started.