Backup and Recovery Terms of Service


Synchronized Hosting works to ensure the successful and timely back up and restoration of all Customer data. Our goal in data backups is for continuity of business should circumstances require a full system restore.

Please note YOU are responsible for your OWN backups. No backup solution, including ours, is foolproof.

We have a multi-layer approach to backups.

  • Daily Local Backup
  • Synchronized FailoverTM
  • Remote Backups

Daily Local Backup

At a minimum of once every 24 hours, your WordPress site is backed up locally on the hosting server. This process runs in the overnight hours in the Eastern Time Zone, US/New York.

Synchronized Failover

As part of our Synchronized Failover service, every site is copied to a remote, backup server, every 4-6 hours. If you need a restore of data more recent that the last daily backup we can recover data from the failover site.


The Synchronized Failover copy is an automated process. If you deleted a file from your main site moments before the automated copy takes place, your file will be gone from the backup site as well.

Remote Backups

When your WordPress site was created at Synchronized Hosting, All In One WordPress Migration was installed for you.

You are responsible for the configuration and storage of backups using the All In One WordPress Migration.

Website Restore

Customer shall request a backup via the Synchronized Hosting Help Desk. All restore requests are given the highest priority, and all attempts are made to complete the restore within 24 hours.

Best Effort

Synchronized Hosting will not be responsible for backups that are corrupted or damaged by conflicting plugins within a customers site. We can not be responsible for backups that failed for any other reason, including data transmission error, backup creation or any other scenario that results in a failed backup. This service is offered AS IS and with no guarantees of a successful restore.

Synchronized Hosting uses this method to backup it’s own web site, so we really believe these procedures will work for our customers. However should a recovery go wrong, and data is not recoverable, our liability shall be limited to the previous 2 months worth of the customers invoices.