Get Managed WordPress Hosting

At Synchronized Hosting we provide a feature rich environment for you to host your WordPress website. With our security and backup solutions for every hosting account, we offer our clients a secure and hassle free experience.

We are, however, selective with those we do business with. In order for everyone to have a first class experience, it takes the efforts of both the customer (you) and provider (us.) In order for this to happen, we required the following from our web hosting clients.

1) You will give Synchronized Hosting administrative access to your WordPress website.
2) You will log into your own site with an account with Editor or lower privileges.
3) We will assign an Administrative account to you for use in emergency situations. However, you will agree not to use this account for normal updating of your website.
4) We will update the WordPress Core software, and plugins for your WordPress at the agreed upon intervals.
5) We will backup your WordPress website, databases, themes and media, at the agreed upon intervals.

Changes to Your Site

Major structural changes, and the addition of plugins would required you to log in with your emergency administrator account. You agree that this is not something you would do without prior written knowledge of us, the Hosting Provider.

You will be able to add posts and pages to your site as needed, as well as many other day to day functions of your site.

Why This is Required

As previously mentioned a successful web hosting experience requires the cooperation of both the customer (you) and hosting provider (us.) In order for this to happen, there has to be an agreed upon set of rules that we both follow. Without them, it’s a free for all, and things could break, causing an outage situation for your website.

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All billing is done under our corporate parent, Synchronized Christmas, Inc.