Are you trying to populate your blog with relevant posts, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? We can provide you with blog article content creation services and SEO services to help you build your blog and SEO rankings.

Blog Content Creation

Each month we will deliver blog articles from your chosen niche. We have over 90 different niches to choose from, and the list is being added to several times a year. Articles delivered to you are a minimum of 300 words, with a higher end range around 600-850. Sometimes the article will be longer, sometimes shorter.

We deliver the articles to you in text format so that you can format them for your blog in a way that fits your requirements.

SEO Service

Each month our team thoroughly analyzes your website automatically!
We then accurately determine:

  • the most profitable keywords with fewest competitors to optimize for (using accurate Google AdWords data)
  • the existing link-type profile: percentage of links from web 2.0 websites, public directories, private blogs, blog comments, forum profiles, social bookmarks, video submissions, wiki submissions, other sources
  • the existing link-anchor profile: percentage of links with different types of anchor texts — exact URL of your website, primary keywords, generic calls to action (»click here«), other text, other HTML elements (images etc.)
  • the number of existing links and the current speed of link building: this way we can determine the optimal link building speed going forward

Once we have all this information about your website, we create the optimal link building schedule for your website.

Based on your primary keywords and the niche of your website, our SEO team creates top quality unique SEO content for link building purposes. Our full-time SEO professionals and our automated algorithms build the exact types of links that you need — at exactly the right time for the best results!

Introductory Pricing!

To celebrate the launch of this new service we’re giving you special introductory pricing. Once you purchase at the introductory rate, the price will remain the same for as long as you remain a customer.

Level 1



2 Blog Articles/Mo
5 Link Building Campaigns

Level 2



3 Blog Articles/Mo
10 Link Building Campaigns

Level 3



4 Blog Articles/Mo
20 Link Building Campaigns


Ready to order? Great. However, you will need to contact us to purchase this item. Please contact us to get started. We’ll ask you some questions to make sure your a good fit for our program, and get you started shortly thereafter.