Critical to any web hosting company is the safe and secure backup of your data. While you are the one ultimately responsible for your own backups, we do have a numerous backup systems in place.

Full Server

As part of our Hosting Synchronized platform, full copies of your site are sent over to backup servers at regular intervals. This protects you (and us) should there be a catastrophic failure at the main site.

Local Backups

At regular intervals we also make a backup of your website on the server. This gives us the ability to quickly restore your website to a condition in the very recent past. If you have an upgrade that goes wrong, or other problem that knocks your site offline, we can assist getting you back online.

Remote Backups

In addition to the Full Server backups, we’ll show you how to make your own backup copies of your website. Using All In One WordPress Migration or BackupBuddy, you will have the ability to send a copy of your data offsite.


Out backup solutions are not intended to replace your own backups that you manage and control. You should always have a plan in place to restore your data should you need to do so.

We’ll be happy to help you restore your data if needed. Please be aware, however, that there might be a fee charged for this service.