Enhanced WordPress Hosting

We're a managed WordPress hosting provider that is here to offer you a world class experience.

Our infrastructure is cutting edge and always current. From hardware to software we use the best available tools and resources to provide you with an enhanced hosting experience.

Large or small, we host them all!
We offer an enhanced WordPress hosting experience. You won't pay extra for Redis caching, hourly backups, off site backups and security services. They are all included.
At regular intervals throughout the day your data is copied to a backup server. In the event of an outage a backup site is ready to go!
In the event of an outage at the primary site, our secondary servers are ready to take the traffic for your site. All it takes is one DNS change, and your new site is live.
We have a variety of backup procedures to protect your data. Using a mix of local and offsite backups we can easily recover from hardware failures. You should ALWAYS make your own backup of your data, however.
Our servers are managed by proven systems that keep them secure and up to date. We quickly deploy server level security updates to maintain the integrity of our systems.
We offer the 6G Web Application Firewall (WAF), 7G WAF and ModSec on every plan. You pick the option that's right for you.
Hosting Synchronized

One Site - Two Copies

Upgrades gone wrong. Data Centers going offline. Networks being flooded.

Any of these events could bring your website down. However, with Synchronized Hosting we regularly make a copy of your website to a different Data Center in another part of the world.

Should the worst ever happen, we have a backup copy ready to go.

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One Site - Two Copies

Build Without Fear

Anytime you add data to your WordPress website you run the risk of breaking something. And if you are not careful, you could bring down the entire website.

At Synchronized Hosting we offer you the ability to have an entire Staging environment that's completely separate from your working website.

Make changes without fear of breaking your website.

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Build Without Fear


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