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Why Managed WordPress?
  • Auto Setup
    We install the latest version of WordPress for you.
    No hassle for you.
    Ready for you to configure!
  • Let us handle the updates
    No need for you to handle the WordPress updates. Depending on your managed WordPress hosting we'll do the updates for you. We can backup the Core or Core and Plugins for you.
    We'll update your core WordPress software to the latest version.
    This option will updates the majority of plugins to their latest versions.
  • Secured with iThemes
    You'll be licensed to run iThemes Security Pro on your Managed Site. Take control of your WordPress security!
    Optional Two Factor Authentication Available
    Brute Force Login Protection Available
  • Nightly Server Backups
    Our servers are backed up nightly. In the event of a catastrophic server failure, we'll be able to restore the server to a very recent state.
    Optional Offsite Backups Available
    Offsite backups are an extra layer of data protection.

Why Have A Website?

In today's connected world having an online presence is just about mandatory. Sure, you could have a Facebook page or a Twitter page, but you don't own that content or platform. With a web site you control the data, and it's yours to keep.

One Address
One consistent place for people to reach you at. No sending out updates to people with the dreaded, "I've moved!"
You get to be in control of the data. Not a third party. You own it, you get to keep it.
Sure, you may post a Facebook Live, or a Tweet on Twitter. However those get lost in the massive amounts of data. Items on your web site are there forever.